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2013-05-16 04:35 am

LJ Status, SPN's S8 Finale, & Cap

If you're here then you must follow me here at DW or on Twitter. Welcome! :)

Livejournal went down for maintenance last night, right when SPN was airing on the East Coast. It's still down. Peachy. Luckily, I write up my episode review notes in Google Drive, so they're safe until I can post them. Whenever that will be.

I loved the season finale, but...I do have issues with it and the season overall. I'll talk about them when I post my review. But you can't fault the show for ending on a spectacular note. Visually and emotionally it was excellent. Bravo on the acting all around as well. :)

Anyway, I apologize for not being able to bring you my usual LJ posts this morning. Whenever LJ returns, they'll resume. Until then...we'll see what happens and I might do more posting here on DW to keep things going.
Have a good Thursday folks. *hugs*

So here's a cap for your day. From S7's "Defending Your Life".
Click for full-size.

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2011-12-02 11:28 am

Of LJ, RL & a Dean cap

I don't have much time, so this will be brief. LJ is currently up and running, but who knows how long that will last? Also, many of you, I'm sure are wondering what is going on with the SPN Name That Cap Challenge & my other usual LJ posts.

I've got some RL family drama going on (my aunt is not well - we're taking her to the hospital today) so I don't have much time to post or be online ATM. I'm rushing to make this post now. Anyway, I don't have time (even if LJ is behaving) to do my normal posts, but I'll let you know when I'm back. So sorry about this.

In the meantime, this Dreamwidth journal is still a backup when LJ is down for any length of time and be sure to follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/Valerie613 if you aren't already.

But I'm not able to leave you empty handed as far as SPN pretty goes today, so here's a cap of Dean from Route 666 in Season 1.

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2011-07-29 02:05 am

Dean from "Croatoan"

This will probably be the last cap posted here on DW for a while since LJ seems to be up and running again. :D Let me know if some of you are still having troubles accessing LJ and I'll keep posting caps for you here, okay?

There's also another different cap over at my Insane Journal today.

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2011-07-28 02:49 am

Dean from "The Usual Suspects"

Since people are still having problems getting onto LJ (though things are improving I think), I'll keep posting caps to here and my Insane Journal. All the caps will be different between my 3 journals, so check out as many as you can. :)

So far I'm not having too much trouble with LJ tonight, but it does lag here and there. So far I've been able to make my posts which I couldn't do Tuesday night. Anyway, to whoever sees this...enjoy the Dean pretty. :)

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2011-07-27 05:38 am

Where I am online

I just made a post w/this list at my InsaneJournal and thought it best to x-post it here with all this LJ downtime going on.

Here's where you can find me and find my posts:

Livejournal: http://raloria.livejournal.com/
InsaneJournal: http://raloria.insanejournal.com/
Dreamwidth Journal: http://raloria.dreamwidth.org/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/Valerie613
Tumblr: http://roadtoshambala.tumblr.com/

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2011-07-27 04:46 am

More LJ woes - Dean Cap

From "Metamorphosis"

Normally I'd be doing my 3 daily posts to LJ, but since it's still down well...this is it for the moment here on DW. It's something, right? I had it for a few minutes, but as I tried to post it went down again. Frustrating. Three days of this now. At least I had access for most of Monday.

I'm uber tired after a full Tuesday. Going to bed shortly. I'll see if I can get online after I get up & see if I can do my LJ posts then. *crosses fingers* In the meantime, welcome to whoever finds their way over here. *waves* Expect to come back here if LJ stays down. You can also keep updated on what I'm posting where through my Twitter.
Have a good Wednesday folks. *hugs*

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2011-07-25 03:07 am

LJ Down, so here's some pretty

Livejournal's been down for a couple of hours now. It's getting late and when I'd normally do my daily posts before going to bed, so I'm using my Dreamwidth journal for this instead. Can only hope everything's in working order by the time I get up. At the moment, even Tumblr is down. :( If Twitter goes, I'll be completely cut off online. *crosses fingers*

In the meantime, I thought I'd post a cap here just in case anyone thinks to stop by. If LJ stays down, I'll try to do some of my normal LJ posts from here, since they should crosspost back to LJ.

For now, here's some pretty Dean from "Roadkill". :)

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2011-06-28 08:59 pm
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Bad day for LJ

It was slow, but still working (sort of) and now we've got this from @Livejournal:

All services are down at the present time. We've got people on it. Many apologies for this rocky day. ~Carrie

Goody. Not. :(
Hope LJ is back up by late tonight when I do my normal daily posts.

In the meantime, I guess I'll prep some things and maybe post something here & see if it crossposts to LJ.

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2011-04-06 01:41 am

Welcome to my Dreamwidth Journal

Because of all the attacks on Livejournal, I've had to bite the bullet and finally get an account here. Things at the moment are so bad that I can't even get into my Insane Journal, hence the jump here to Dreamwidth.

I'm still learning my way around this place and I'm sure it's going to take people a while to find me (and for me to find them), but until these attacks on LJ are over, I might very well have to use this journal for a while. Time will tell how things go. I'll keep you updated as to how I'll be using this journal and at what capacity.